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About 9-1-1 Service


1.In general; there are two types of VoIP 9-1-1 Service:

A.Fixed VoIP service:
With a Fixed VoIP service a subscriber can only make calls from a fixed address. A Fixed VoIP service is normally provided over a private communication network and not over the Internet. A Fixed VoIP service provides the same Enhanced 9-1-1 service as “traditional” wire line telephone service. Having a known fixed address enables the service provider to automatically provide the emergency response operator with the 9-1-1 caller’s telephone number and address.

B. Nomadic VoIP service:
Nomadic VoIP service is provided over the internet. With a Nomadic VoIP service a subscriber can get access to telephone services by using any high speed internet speed connection from any location. As a result, this limits the ability of the Nomadic VoIP service provider to determine the location of 9-1-1 callers. All Nomadic VoIP services provide Basic 9-1-1 service. This Basic 9-1-1 service connects the subscriber to a central call centre, at which point the caller is requested to identify his or her location, the central call centre then connects the call to the emergency response centre that serves that area. The emergency response centre then dispatches Police, Fire or Ambulance depending on the nature of the emergency. Nomadic will be primarily ATA and SIP clients.

2.When a customer dials 9-1-1 using Rangtel Phone Line their call is being sent over the internet rather than a traditional phone line and what this means is that their most up to date user information, including call-back number and address, might not be available to a 9-1-1 operator. In order to ensure emergency personal can locate them we may direct the call to an intermediary emergency service operator to help ascertain their current location information. They will then transfer their call to the emergency response centre nearest their location. The customer needs to be prepared to provide or confirm their address and call-back number with the operator in case that information is not available to them. They should never hang-up until they are told to do so, and if they are disconnected they should call 9-1-1 back immediately. It is also recommended for them to keep in mind that Rangtel Phone Line is their telephone service provider because if necessary, the central call centers can contact us in severe emergency situations to attempt to help. Furthermore the customer should ensure their location information, registered with Rangtel Phone Line, is kept current at all times. In case they are not able to speak during the 911 call, the call taker would dispatch emergency response vehicles to their last registered address. The customer must ensure they update their 911 Dialling information if they move their device to a different location. To update their 9-1-1 address they need to visit www.Rangtel.com, using contact us tab send their updated the 911 Address details. Please note it can take 72hrs for this information to be updated in the system.

3.They (Clients) need to be aware that 9-1-1 emergency dialling may not be available during a power outage, may not be available if using the Rangtel Phone Line software if their computer is malfunctioning, or because of suspension or disconnection of the Rangtel Phone Line service because of billing issues, or any disconnection or suspension of underlying broadband access service and will be unavailable during a broadband internet outage. If there is a power outage, they may be required to reset or reconfigure their telephony gateway device, if using a Rangtel Phone Line gateway, prior to being able to use the service, including for 9-1-1 dialling purposes. For technical reasons associated with the possibility of network congestion, there is a possibility that the 9-1-1 call will produce a busy signal or will take longer to answer, as compared to traditional 9-1-1 calls.

4.They (Clients) should inform any household residents, guests and other persons who may be present at the physical location where they utilize the Rangtel Phone Line service, of the important differences in and limitations of Rangtel Phone Line 9-1-1 dialling as compared with traditional 9-1-1 service, as set out above.

5.Customers traveling outside of Canada will not have 9-1-1 dialling services.

6.If they are not comfortable with the limitations of the 9-1-1 emergency dialling, they should consider having an alternate means of accessing traditional 9-1-1 services or disconnecting the service.